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Today, everyone's perception of luxury is different, and it can be appreciated under many forms and levels. I'm the kind of person that can see beauty everywhere ; a rusty screw can have more impact on me than a diamond ring in a shop window. 
All objects are man made at some point in their realisation but, to me, the luxury is to feel how much love has been put into the building or designing of an object. If the maker or owner of the object gave it importance in his or her life, that makes all the difference.
I guess I can feel the power an object can have by looking at the small details of it, handling it, researching about it and discovering its history. 


In some sort of way, its soul. 

I truly believe my design work's strength is the amount of love and passion I put into it.
I think the beauty of it is that you can feel, by discovering it, that there was this enormous amount of emotional input from the designer. To me that defines if an object is luxurious or not. Whether or not you can get an sentimental connection with an object will give it its importance. 

The most luxurious diamond ring has no power if it hasn't connected emotionally with someone, if someone hasn't felt like this object could bring them true interior happiness, even for a moment, if a connection hasn’t been made emotionally when interacting with it. 
Living in a society where money rules our lives, it can really make a huge difference to simply put love into the design of an object. I think it’s because we find our humanity back into it. And that is priceless.

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