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Personal Project

ECAL 2012

It has been inevitable. The more I was trying to drift away from what I know, the more I realised it was what I was meant to do. My personal project is a developed and matured pursued dream, the achievement marking the end of my studies, and a demonstration of the evolution of my self after a lifetime of enriching adventures.


The idea was to come up with an alternative to traditional techniques used in mask making, exploiting the best of today's technology to my advantage. With the use of the 3d printer, decades of restrictions in costume design can be questioned. I also wanted to keep a craft aspect in the pieces employing a weaving process. The strings tied across the structure in altered ways give each character its own personality by being of a different kind, colour, material, thus changing the viewer's perception of the whole piece. The wearer, just like the mask, can be whoever he wants to be, whatever he wants to show to his audience.

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