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Kopenhagen Fur

ECAL 2012

When I was a child, I used to get emotionally attached to really strange objects. For years, having grown up in an isolated forest, I kept two screws in my pocket, pretending they were my friends, getting confort in knowing they were here with me, and I wasn't completely alone.

This is where Furpet started.

The bond was created instantly. I took the samples of fur in my hands, caressed them, imagined how they used to be, treated them as though they were still alive, I started to get attached. It was therefore clear to me that they had to become companions of our daily life some way or another, and making them into gloves was the way to go. They accompany you, keep you entertained whilst keeping you warm. They get a second chance at life, make someone smile.

Photos by Nicolas Genta.

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