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2007 / Foundation degree in Art and Design. 

University of the Creative Arts, Canterbury, UK.

2008 / BA Design for Performance.

Central Saint Martins, London, UK.

2009-2011 / BA Technical Effects for Performance.

College of Fashion, London, UK.

2012 / Mas Design for Luxury and Craftsmanship.

ECAL, Renens, Switzerland.

2014-2016 / MA Design Products.

Royal College of Art, London, UK.

2018-2021 / Art Teacher qualification.

Haute Ecole Pédagogique, St-Maurice, CH.

It’s in the deep French countryside of France-Comté that Bettina Pozzo Di Borgo sees the day in 1989. Her upbringing is very influencial to her work. Indeed, with no neighbours, television, music, or much general contact with the outside world, she developps a boundless imagination as she rides on her little motorcycle around the lake St-Point, and spends all her living hours in the forest, talking to the frogs. 


In 2007, she decides to go study performance design in the UK, with the dream of writing and making her own shows. Technical Effects for Performance at London College of Fashion proves to be very beneficial to develop a great number of manual skills, and marks the start of her passion for Crafts. She doesn’t come back home until 2012, when her designer dad tricks her into studying Design for Luxury and Craftsmanship at ECAL, Renens. 

Her enthousiasm, motivation and technical knowledge allow her to stand out, truly understand the materials, and greatly participates in the development of her designs, which convey poetry, honesty, and the love of making.


After ECAL, she works for a few years in London, all the while interning with many different unusual Craftsmen, adding to her list of skills. Finally, she enrols at the Royal College of Art in Design Products to determine the personality of her works, and to understand more clearly where her ambitions lie. 

In 2018, after working as a school technician for a few years, she decided to go into teaching, and is convinced that she has now found what she was always meant to do.

Her aim in life is to bring joy to people by way of physical interactions with objects, environments and an audience. Through installation or performance, the goal is to generate strong emotional responses from the public, using Craftsmanship, Magic and Story-telling as tools to convey feelings.

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